Part 7/9 – Marijuana, The Law & YOU

Posted by Brudder Stoner On July - 22 - 2009

Be Tidy

Part 7

One of the best way to avoid getting caught or being fined etc… (which by the way is stupid since MARIJUANA is a plant and NOT a gateway drug) is to be tidy. It is by far the best way to in the clear. Remember – Cops are getting smarter and smarter and the places in your car that you think are safe like the glove box or under your front mats; are probably the first few places that cops check. A hallowed-out sharpie is good, inside a CD case, gym bag with dirty socks and shoes, in your car tool kit etc… All places that are not fullproof, but you stand a fighting chance. IF you do get caught, its always best to be honest and upfront. 9/10 times it will get you off with a simple slap on your wrist. “But officer, works stressing me out, my gf dumped me… I needed to unwind a bit” You are human. You do need your alone time. Then again, dress the part. Dont look like a scrub or a shag dog. Being tidy applies to both, your surroundings and yourself. If you look like someone smart and capable of holding your ground, you will have a better chance at getting off easily if caught. have fun… enjoy!

Part 6/9 – Marijuana, The Law & YOU

Posted by Brudder Stoner On July - 7 - 2009

In The Car

In The Car

Probablynot the smartest thing to do while driving is to puff puff away on the finer things in life. But if you must be put in a situation where the purple kuch is too colorful not to pass up; be a moving target. Alot of us usually pull up in parking lots, school grounds (after school ofcourse), factory lots, parks etc… where we recline and smoke away. This is good since you’re not driving and trying to multitask, but it is much easier to spot you doing the good stuff if you’re parked. Green smoke is often much thicker and foggier than cigarette; not to mention the strong odour that comes with it as well. Scine there’s no law preventing you from smoking a cigarette and driving, if your in a car with a buddy that does smoke cancer, tell him/her to light up a stick, which has been proven to mask the green stink! Dont leave roaches lying around in your car either (no pun intended – haha) Incase you do happen to get pulled over for whatever reason, sometimes these small fellas do get spotted and its just a can of worms you dont wanna open while under the influence. Bottom line – be clean, be tidy, dont get acne, smoke wisely and enjoy the green!

Part 5/9 – Marijuana, The Law & YOU

Posted by Brudder Stoner On June - 24 - 2009

In Public


Part 5 of thise handy-dandy series gives us some 411 about 420 in public. Alot of people already do this; hold their joints like a cigarette to sort off blend in with the tabacco smokers… This is a good start. But how about try to avoid smoking in public to begin with? If you must smoke outdoors, dont do it outside shopping malls, bus stops, coffee shops, subway stations etc… These places are packed with people who will snubb you becuase they dont get any… Try to find a small alley or go behind a garage, find a side street or take a walk through some small inside roads where public visibility is limited and kept at minimal. Alot of amature smokers think they are all cool and bad that they want to show the world that they smokeup… WRONG. Remember, not everyone agrees that smoking pot is good and although we have been strong advocates of standing up for what you beleive in; sometimes this sweeet sweet sensi is best enjoyed in private with just you and your close buds (no pun intended). DO NOT share the smell, DO NOT share your moment, DO NOT invite trouble because more often than never, it usually comes round to bite ya.

Part 4/9 – Marijuana, The Law & YOU

Posted by Brudder Stoner On June - 16 - 2009

Part 4 – The Email


Part 4 of this fantastic series brings us online. Yes; with the development of the internet available on anything from cell phones to PSP’s to wrist watches to whatever else you can think off; it’s become rather convienient (sp) to send a quick email to your dealer to score some off the good stuff. Hell; even dealers are doing it these days. Couple of dealers around send emails to a mailing list informing the good folk about a new type of herbal breed they just got.. that bam bam boooombonic green chronic. But just like the phone text; remember to consider any email PUBLIC. Once you send an email, it gets stored on a series of computers and networks as backup (even if you dont intend it) It is virtually impossible to delete a sent email completly. There will always be a trace somewhere, someplace. As a reminder once again; DO NOT use code words in an email like, ” hey bob, i need some green grass for my lawn… yea just a dime of grass” :S or “I want 2 cabbage rolls and 1 mushroom pizza” Stupid and inviting trouble. Stay smart and try to keep things short and simple. Most importantly; try to do all stuff face to face… small quantities haha (quan – tities) at a time. 😉 until Part 5 – puff puff pass!

Part 3/9 – Marijuana, The Law & YOU

Posted by Brudder Stoner On June - 8 - 2009



It’s a smart idea to never ever ever send your dealer a text message or a BB Ping as these tid-bits not only get saved on their phone until they delete it; but also get saved on network servers. It is extremly hard to completly erase a text message.  The one time you send your dealer a message might be the one time someone is monitoring his/her activities. Also, do not use coded language. If you think you are smart by trying to disguise your needs; popo is smarter in trying to decode them. If you must use text for whatever reason, make sure its short and unrelated… eg. “dude, is 7 a good time to come over?” Your dealer is smart; he knows exactly why you want to come over. He will reply with a simple yes or no. If you happen to call your dealer and you hear an echo, hang up and try calling from a different phone. Chances are his line is tapped. Try waiting for sometime before re-calling or send a quick brief text indicating you want to go over or for him/her to meet you someplace… Do not specify what you want in a text or an email; no matter how coded you think you’re making it…  There you have it folks… Phone Etiquette…. enjoy~

Part 2/9 – Marijuana, The Law & YOU

Posted by Brudder Stoner On June - 2 - 2009

Be Tidy

Being Tidy is the best way to avoid speculation and doubt in the minds of those that want to out us out :S Yes, make sure everything is put away and hidden. Some great places to hide stuff – a shoe box stacked away in your closet, a vhs tape empty cover, your underwear drawer etc… Do not store stuff in the glove compartment of your car or the middle hold next to the gear box. Its one of the first places cops search if they need to snoop around your car. In your car, try keeping your stash in the trunk mixed in with the tools to fix your spare, wedge it between your sunroof glass and ceiling or even better, hide it in your cd case. Being neat and on the ball will help you help yourself and make sure you avoid looking like you got something to hide… enjoy!

Part 1/9 – Marijuana, The Law & YOU

Posted by Brudder Stoner On May - 26 - 2009

At Home

AT HOME – The safest place to smoke. It’s true – It’s ideal if you can smoke indoors in the washroom and run the exhaust. A Hot-Box is another great way to enjoy the good stuff. Run the shower with hot water and let the bathroom get a little steamy. Light up the joint and wallow in the misty sweeet fumes that are sure to give you that extra buzz. If smoking in a hotel room; make sure you place a wet towel at the door base to prevent smoke or vapour from leaking under the door. The wet towel absorbs the smoke and keeps the goodness where you are. Smoking out back is great but that could alert the neighbours who may call POPO if you have neighbours who are bitchy and old. We agree that the home is the best place; but inside the home is even better. Have fun! Stay safe – cheers~



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