Monday Funnies!

Posted by Brudder Stoner On September - 28 - 2009

Medical MarijuanaMedical Marijuana 2

Principles of Responsible Cannabis Use

Posted by Brudder Stoner On July - 30 - 2009

The NORML (National Organization for the Reformation of Marijuana Laws) Board of Directors recently issued the following statement entitled Principles of Responsible Cannabis Use, which defines the conduct which is; believe that any responsible marijuana smoker should follow.

Medical Marijuana

“I. ADULTS ONLY Cannabis consumption is for adults only. It is irresponsible to provide cannabis to children. Many things and activities are suitable for young people, but others absolutely are not. Children do not drive cars, enter into contracts, or marry, and they must not use drugs. As it is unrealistic to demand lifetime abstinence from cars, contracts and marriage, however, it is unrealistic to expect lifetime abstinence from all intoxicants, including alcohol. Rather, our expectation and hope for young people is that they grow up to be responsible adults. Our obligation to them is to demonstrate what that means.

II. NO DRIVING the responsible cannabis consumer does not operate a motor vehicle or other dangerous machinery impaired by cannabis, nor (like other responsible citizens) impaired by any other substance or condition, including some medicines and fatigue. Although cannabis is said by most experts to be safer than alcohol and many prescription drugs with motorists, responsible cannabis consumers never operate motor vehicles in an impaired condition. Public safety demands not only that impaired drivers be taken off the road, but that objective measures of impairment be developed and used, rather than chemical testing.

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life’s a dope …

Posted by Papa Roach On July - 23 - 2009

one of the many pros of marijuana


A spliff a day!

Posted by Brudder Stoner On March - 16 - 2009

When a troubled mind is your best friend and stress and depression come over for dinner every night; do as the happy do. Make hay while the sun shines; dont argue till the cows come home; dont sleep on the proch starring down a blade of grass to watch it grow; dont watch paint dry, dont clock watch; dont NEVER sleep or eat again.

Recommended dose: 1 spliff every 3-4 hrs as needed. 


Medical Weed Conditions

Medical Marijuana

Posted by Brudder Stoner On March - 3 - 2009

See, I always wondered what MM looked like when they dispenced it? Now thanks to one of my Dads friends sisters ex-husbands brothers friends grandpa who suffers from an eating disorder of some sort, this is what the doctor prescribed! Now although this is called ‘trainwreck’ I hope the after-affect is anything but. From the color we can tell its some strong ish and would sure make gramps crave the munchies or funchies… either way the old dirty bastard will be eating something! So gramps, heres to you and your lucky son-of-a-bitch old wrinkly ass who got a doctors note for some LEGAL HERB! enjoy!



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