No Pun Intended?

Posted by Brudder Stoner On May - 4 - 2009

So we lit her up and puff puff passed her around enjoying the +18 dc sunshine and light winds on a Sunday afternoon. As usual we felt the need to indulge in some munchies and since we were parked in a strip mall that had a pizza store; we decided to treat ourselves to some dough! We walk in totally high with the appetite of a polar bear on the first day of waking up after winter hibernation. So we begin… “ummmm hmmm can we get…. ahh ummm dude, what specials you got going on?” He looks at us; this young mid-20 something brown dude and has the biggest smile on his face because he knew we were ripped… After he suggested we get the XL pizza (since it’s the same price and on special with 3 toppings – thank you!) we had to pick our toppings. So we got the usuall, pepperoni, beef, and felt like getting a veggie… we said decided on mushroooms. As soon as we said this… the dude started smiling and said “YEA, PIZZA GOES WELL WITH MUSHROOMS” :S there was an ackward silence for like 5 seconds after that. WTF? We both knew what he meant but didnt bother correcting him about the type of influence we were under…Next time; say NO PUN INTENDED! Because; “No Pizza dude, we didn’t do mushrooms; we are nature lovers!” For sure he must have smelt it, yes he probably saw us confused and knew we were hungry and frankly speaking we kinda walked right into that one… But in the end, he did make the best damn pizza covered in mushrooms and we sat and munched and munched away on an XL!

mushroom pizza

Science behind the Munchies

Posted by Papa Roach On April - 13 - 2009

The most common an peculiar phenomena assosciated with marijuana is teh increased hunger that tokers feel after finishin a session. It has been termed “munchies” an for years hungry stoners have been seen scrambling for food at the local mickeydees or any fast food joint at odd hours of the night.

The following series of pictures were sent to us by “penelope28” an it clearly demonstrates the direct results that munchies can have on a certain individual after a session. The victim in this case is a Whole Rotisserie Chicken an a box of Chocolate Cookies an the perpetrator is “penelope28″s acquaintance.


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Granny’s Yummy Tarts …

Posted by Papa Roach On April - 11 - 2009

So here we find ourselves in an age old dilemma of what to consume in oyr quest to quench our irrepresible thirst for munchies & funchies. After many a spliff, we somehow find ourselves in the snacks aisle at the local grocery store just contemplating what to get when our eyes fell on a unique delicacy. It was a Granny’s Tarts just lying out there for the world to see.We were repelled at the very name of it yet somewhat intrigued as to how it might actually have tasted. Needless to say both of granny’s tarts were gobbled up gleefully in a matter of seconds an teh only evidence remaining of our beloved granny’s tarts was the wrapper lying there in all its glory.


Mangia Mangia …

Posted by Papa Roach On April - 9 - 2009

mangia mangia: Thats I-talian for “eat more” or something to that effect but what happens if the “food” in question is “hash brownies” then what?!?! It’s a serious dilemma my friends, one that no one and i sincerely mean no one should have to face. Its a conundrum actually, I mean you eat hash brownies an then after a while the high kicks in an you get the munchies/funchies. You look around an your gaze falls upon the hash brownies an without realising it you munch on ’em an dddaaaayuuuuummm jus like that you’re in a constant cycle of high. Its a vicious cycle I tell ya, one that is godsend loll.


So True

Posted by Brudder Stoner On March - 4 - 2009

Munchies or Funchies…. This is so true… Wouldn’t it be amazing if everytime you bought a dime your dealer handed you a coupon for a free snack at your local 7-11? Its us nature lovers that fuel the local convenience stores… Think about it… first we go in there to buy paper, a lighter, matches, ciggis, blunt wraps etc… Then we smoke one up only to find ourselves return back to the same store to pick up some chips, soda and candy! Now if in some way dealers and stores formed a merger; that would be dope! (no pun intended)



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