10 Interesting Marijuana Facts…

Posted by Brudder Stoner On May - 6 - 2010

1. In 19th century Nepal, the marijuana harvest was performed by men who ran naked through fields of flowering plants and then had the sticky resin scraped off their bodies and formed into bricks of hashish.

2. Marijuana is known for its mellowing effect, but it has fueled many warriors in history. The word “assassin” is believed to come from the hashish taken a millennium ago by Arab killers (called “hashshashin” or “hashish eaters”), though some historians doubt they were under the influence while on their missions.

3. Louisa May Alcott, author of “Little Women,” wrote a short story called “Perilous Play” about marijuana. In it, a character declares, “If someone does not propose a new and interesting amusement, I shall die of ennui!” Another character produces a box of hashish-laced bonbons, and hedonism ensues.

4. Around 1900, the U.S. government briefly grew marijuana along a stretch of the Potomac River to study the plant’s medicinal value. Today, a more potent plant has risen on that site: the Pentagon.

5. A white Chicago jazz musician named Milton “Mezz” Mezzrow moved to Harlem in 1929, declared himself a “voluntary Negro,” and began selling marijuana. Known as “The Man Who Hipped the World” and “The Link Between the Races,” Mezzrow sold fat joints called mezzrolls. Soon a new piece of Harlem slang emerged: Something genuine was described as “mezz.”

6. Marijuana interferes with short-term memory so that users forget what they just said or did. Not only that, marijuana interferes with short-term memory so that users forget what they just said or did.

7. Before Congress voted to ban marijuana in 1937, the birdseed industry got the bill amended to exempt marijuana seeds (known as hemp seeds) as long as they were sterilized and could not be used to grow plants. An industry spokesman denied that the seeds made birds high, but an ardent marijuana foe, Dr. Victor Robinson, had previously written that the seeds had caused birds to “dream of a happy birdland where there are no gilded cages, and where the men are gunless and the women hatless.”

8. Billy Carter, the late brother of former President Jimmy Carter, believed the illegality of marijuana was part of its attraction. “Marijuana is like Coors beer,” he said. “If you could buy the damn stuff at a Georgia filling station, you’d decide you wouldn’t want it.”

9. One of the least typical supporters of the decriminalization of marijuana was conservative icon William F. Buckley, who died in February. Buckley once sailed his yacht into international waters so that he could smoke pot without breaking U.S. laws.

10. Bill Clinton said famously that he smoked marijuana but “didn’t inhale.” President Bush has never admitted taking the drug, but his drug use was strongly suggested in recorded conversations between him and a friend — the interestingly named Doug Wead. Only one of the three 2008 contenders is an admitted ex-doper.
Barack Obama has said, “When I was a kid, I inhaled frequently. That was the point.”

Class in Sesssion …

Posted by Papa Roach On September - 17 - 2009

Marijuana users has been subjected to a lot of bogus myths over the years an more often that not the people purporting these myths, themselves indulge in Alcohol and/or Tobacco, so who are they to judge?!?! We at Blogginghigh aim to dispel the myths that are more often than not associated with marijuana use. We are not drug abusers but quite the contrary we are contributing members of society, intellectuals, artists that dabble in the use of marijuana to free our inner creativity an to relax. You might drink alcohol an act arrogant as a way of relaxing, we smoke a spliff, mellow out an eat a bag of chips as a way of relaxing.

Marijuana MYTH: Marijuana is highly addictive. Long Term marijuana users esperience physical dependence and withdrawal, and often need professional drug treatment to break marijuana habits.

FACT: Fact is that most people who smoke marijuana smoke it only occasionally. A small minority of Americans – less than 1 per cent smoke marijuana on a daily basis and even a smaller minority develop a dependence on marijuana. Some people who smoke marijuana heavily and frequently stop without difficulty. Others seek help from drug treatment professionals. Marijuana does not cause physical dependence. If people experience withdrawal symptoms at all, they are remarkably mild.

Now before anti-marijuana advocates take this argument as a victory an start ballyhooing the fact, do remind yourself that other drug dependencies such as tobacco/alcohol/vicodin et al are much much worse than marijuana. This begs the question once again an one can’t believe that it always goes back to the basic question :

Why are other drugs okay with the general populace but not marijuana? I don’t question you when you’re smoking a cancer stick or chugging down an alcoholic beverage then WHO ARE YOU TO QUESTION ME WHEN I LIGHT MY JOINT?


Marijuana may help prevent Cancer

Posted by Papa Roach On July - 8 - 2009

large_marijuana plantno-cancer-sign

Researchers in Spain have revealed that Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC, the main physcoactive component of marijuana) can have anticancer properties that may inhibit the growth of cancer in human beings.

From the Science Daily:

Active Component Of Marijuana Has Anti-cancer Effects, Study Suggests

ScienceDaily (Apr. 9, 2009) — Guillermo Velasco and colleagues, at Complutense University, Spain, have provided evidence that suggests that cannabinoids such as the main active component of marijuana (THC) have anticancer effects on human brain cancer cells.

In the study, THC was found to induce the death of various human brain cancer cell lines and primary cultured human brain cancer cells by a process known as autophagy.

Consistent with the in vitro data, administration of THC to mice with human tumors decreased tumor growth and induced the tumor cells to undergo autophagy. As analysis of tumors from two patients with recurrent glioblastoma multiforme (a highly aggressive brain tumor) receiving intracranial THC administration showed signs of autophagy, the authors suggest that cannabinoid administration may provide a new approach to targeting human cancers.

Cannabinoid action induces autophagy-mediated cell death through stimulation of ER stress in human glioma cells.

The “Gateway Drug” hypothesis

Posted by Papa Roach On July - 7 - 2009


The other day, I was speaking to an older gentleman about the use of cannabis by young people. His opinion was one that we at blogginghigh.com come across quite often: If youth are allowed to smoke marijuana, what stops them from experimenting with drugs, such as heroin or cocaine, that (unlike marijuana) can result in permanent, if not fatal, damage to the user? (this kind of thinking is what causes marijuana to be called the “Gateway Drug”)

Here’s what I told this person, and what I think you should tell anyone who thinks that using marijuana would lead people to try using life-threatening drugs such as heroin and cocaine.

1. While scientists have long held the “gateway drug” theory to be erroneous, a study at the University of Pittsburgh in  December 2006 proved that “the likelihood that someone will transition to the use of illegal drugs is determined not by the preceding use of a particular drug, but instead by the user’s individual tendencies and environmental circumstances. (link).
The use of marijuana is no more an indicator of further drug use than cigarettes, chocolate or coffee. Read the rest of this entry »

Safer Drugs!?!?!?

Posted by Papa Roach On March - 31 - 2009


There are tons of drugs out there for you to try each with it’s own “trip”.

I stay away from the chemicals, its a personal choice.

If you are indeed going to indulge in drugs, then no one can dissuade you.

ATleast be smart enough to make the right choice an opt for sweet sweet sensi.

Heck, its even better than some over-the-counter-pills!!!

Supreme court & marijuana

Posted by Papa Roach On March - 24 - 2009


Jon Stewart‘s reasoning behind this whole phenomena in his own words in Half Baked when he told Dave Chappelle was that when you get stoned an watch the stars or get stoned an listen to a song or get stoned an do anything, it is as much better than doing the same thing sober because when you’re high it lets you think “outside the box” thus adding a whole new dimension to it.

Edumacating the masses Pt. 2

Posted by Papa Roach On March - 24 - 2009

It sure has been a looo0000ng time since we last debunked a myth. Incase you don’t know now you know ahahhaaaa no but seriously the premise of this section is to edumacate the masses about the facts about our beloved sensi while dubunking some common myths along the way….

Myth: Marijuana is Highly Addictive. Long term marijuana users experience physical dependence and withdrawal, and often need professional drug treatment to break their marijuana habits.

FACT: Although there is a grain of truth to this myth, it is exactly not as bad as it is made us to believe. You see most people who smoke marijuana smoke it only occasionally. A small minority of North Americans – less than 2 percent – smoke marijuana on a daily basis. An even smaller minority develop a dependence on marijuana. Some people who smoke marijuana heavily and frequently stop without difficulty(i’ve done that in the past, going cold turkey from being a frequent smoker without any problems). Marijuana does not cause physical dependence. If people experience withdrawal symptoms at all, they are remarkably mild.

Compare this with the addiction of tobacco, alcohol, other drugs and suddenly marijuana looks like the smartest choice of all.

Bridging Cultural Differences Pt. 2

Posted by Papa Roach On March - 11 - 2009

We here at blogginghigh are one big happy family a’la the lovable family sesame street but our family is much more unique in the fact that our family spans continents alongwith having members of both sex. We have members who are tall, short and even hobbitsized but nonetheless we are one big happy family regardless of where we reside an how we behave an act with each other, theres nothing but love for each other. Something that is clearly lacking in the world these days. Ya’ll should take a toke, forget your differences and just chill the fcuk out, seriously fir you never know when you or the person opposite you might kick the bucket.


Bert & Ernie have the right idea see. Ernie is a hobbit who smokes hash whereas Bert smokes weed as you can clearly see. However, they both love to get high regardless of who is smoking what. Heck, they’re even sharing rolling papers. Now that’s love. So stop bein a grumpy fcuk an roll one up an share it with your fellow brethren. Let all the walking souls on the face of the earth mingle with one another devoid of hate an prejudice to become one big happy family. That is my dream!!!

Edumacating the Masses …

Posted by Papa Roach On January - 16 - 2009

All right readers, as promised we at blogginghigh.com are taking an initiative to edumacate the masses about the facts about our beloved sensi. Lets dubunk some myths along the way….

MYTH: anti-marijuana advocates favorite favorite allegation about marijuana is that it can cause permanent mental illness. They even have the gall to say that even occassional marijuana use can lead to psychological damage among adoloscents.

FACT: There is no concrete scientific evidence that smoking sensi leads to psychological damage or mental illness. However, few marijuana users do experience psychological distress following marijuana INGESTION (brownies,burgers) which may include feelings of panic, anxiety, and paranoia. The effects are TEMPORARY although they can be a bit frightening. When you move to teh higher echelons of smoking weed, it can cause temporary toxic psychosis. This occurs RARELY, and almost always when marijuana is EATEN rather than SMOKED.



Posted by Papa Roach On January - 15 - 2009

I am personally sick and tired of mis-information regarding marijuana being doled out to masses. This in turn leads to ignoramaous people making ridiculous statements such as teh poster below. Why the hate?!?! If you are going to be edumacating the masses, then atleast preach the truth. Atleast have that much dignity people.

Enough is ENOUGH. Starting tomorrow blogginghigh.com will embark on “edumacating the masses” that will explore all the myths, facts, arguments and yes we WILL have references to validate everything unlike ignoramous fcuks spewing ignoramous facts about something they know nothing about.



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