In my shoes (I’m always high) – Guava feat Ryan Charles

Posted by Brudder Stoner On December - 1 - 2015


Posted by Papa Roach On January - 22 - 2010

Different people elicit different types of emotions when high … some go bonkers some become mellow an some get philosophical but one thing that “high” people do not get is arrogant … that’s the alcoholics job loll ….  so keeping that in mind, enjoy our T.G.I.F post


Posted by Papa Roach On December - 4 - 2009

Yes, its that time of the week again where we find ourselves loungin an lightin up one. This weekend however holds special meaning to the blogginghigh familia as two of our dearest friends, our brethren celebrate their birthday this weekend albeit at two different corners of the world. This should not stop either one of them to indulge in some alcohol drinking but sadly only one of them will be able to light one up. For a weekend that is going to be joint-free for our beloved admin brudder stoner, may I suggest the following drinks?!?!


What’s that cliche phrase??

Posted by Papa Roach On November - 18 - 2009

marijuana (2)

Often we run into friends an their acquaintances and they always seem to have this disdain look on their faces when we step out to smoke a joint. Its as if we are some lowlifes that have chosen the wrong path. We are intellectual, educated & mature grown ups that do like to occasionally smoke a joint and see nothing wrong with it. We are not causing a nuisance, slurring our words acting like a jackass then why are we being judged for smoking a joint. Its as if marijuana smokers are constantly under a spotlight.

“Don’t judge a book by its cover”, yep thats that cliche phrase but in this case its very apt. Try it and you might like it.

health care

Posted by Papa Roach On October - 5 - 2009

Health Care in the U.S is quite expensive an its not about to change anytime soon. The Obama administration is trying hard to reform health care but has so far just hit stumbling blocks. Until health care reform has not been passed an if you find yourself in a tough situation whereby seeing a doctor is far too expensive than say 20 bucks, may I suggest the following


Class in Sesssion …

Posted by Papa Roach On September - 17 - 2009

Marijuana users has been subjected to a lot of bogus myths over the years an more often that not the people purporting these myths, themselves indulge in Alcohol and/or Tobacco, so who are they to judge?!?! We at Blogginghigh aim to dispel the myths that are more often than not associated with marijuana use. We are not drug abusers but quite the contrary we are contributing members of society, intellectuals, artists that dabble in the use of marijuana to free our inner creativity an to relax. You might drink alcohol an act arrogant as a way of relaxing, we smoke a spliff, mellow out an eat a bag of chips as a way of relaxing.

Marijuana MYTH: Marijuana is highly addictive. Long Term marijuana users esperience physical dependence and withdrawal, and often need professional drug treatment to break marijuana habits.

FACT: Fact is that most people who smoke marijuana smoke it only occasionally. A small minority of Americans – less than 1 per cent smoke marijuana on a daily basis and even a smaller minority develop a dependence on marijuana. Some people who smoke marijuana heavily and frequently stop without difficulty. Others seek help from drug treatment professionals. Marijuana does not cause physical dependence. If people experience withdrawal symptoms at all, they are remarkably mild.

Now before anti-marijuana advocates take this argument as a victory an start ballyhooing the fact, do remind yourself that other drug dependencies such as tobacco/alcohol/vicodin et al are much much worse than marijuana. This begs the question once again an one can’t believe that it always goes back to the basic question :

Why are other drugs okay with the general populace but not marijuana? I don’t question you when you’re smoking a cancer stick or chugging down an alcoholic beverage then WHO ARE YOU TO QUESTION ME WHEN I LIGHT MY JOINT?


Double Standard?!?!?

Posted by Papa Roach On September - 15 - 2009

Why is there such a double standard when it comes to government regulating the sale of alcohol an cigarettes, both more harmful than marijuana an on the other hand declaring an all out war on drugs that has claimed innocent lives an utilized considerable amount of state resources needlessly. WHY?!?!?


life’s a dope …

Posted by Papa Roach On July - 23 - 2009

one of the many pros of marijuana


Mardi GraSS

Posted by Papa Roach On July - 23 - 2009


What better way to celebrate “joie de vivre” (the joy of living) than to celebrate with one’s friends and some ganja. If you’re looking for me on May 1st and 2nd 2010, you know where i’ll be…

Chronicles: Coincidence?!?!?

Posted by Papa Roach On July - 16 - 2009

As he quietly stepped outside the venue via a side door an made his way to his buddies car contemplating the various scenarios that might play out in the next few minutes. What was the reason for the phone call, why was the tone so hushed, whats the urgency etc etc all questions that raced thru his mind while he stood standstill in the strange an unknown parking lot searching for anything familiar that would catch his eye an after about 10 seconds of scanning, he heard a calling from one of the cars “Ayoo, over here”. That was enough for him to follow the familiar voice to the source of it an once there all his complacency was misplaced as his friend had rolled a spliff to be shared between the two of them. After a quick toke-toke-pass session, they stood there in the cool summer breeze taking it all in an after there were well elevated, decided it was time to head back inside and as they were walking back the familiar sounds of “Collie Buddz” tune “Finally the Herbs come Around” wafted thru the air an just on cue they both bursted out laughing as if the song was solely being played for them an that God knowing their actions had chosen this playlist just for them. Sheer Coincidence?!?! Maybe but after running into so many coincidences while being high, one starts to question.




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