Sean Di Paul ~

Posted by Brudder Stoner On August - 7 - 2009

Def. will go down as one of Reggaes all time greats! Mr. Sean Paul (tooky tooky). Heres to keepin it real and smoking the herb! cheers~


Mr.Obama, Legalize that Drug!!

Posted by Papa Roach On July - 9 - 2009

A new poll suggests that a majority of Americans are in favor of taxing and regulating the sale of marijuana.

From the Huffington Post:

Majority of Americans want Pot Legalized: Zogby Poll

A majority of Americans, in a poll released Wednesday, say it “makes sense to tax and regulate” marijuana. The Zogby poll, commissioned by the conservative-leaning O’Leary Report, surveyed 3,937 voters and found 52 percent in favor of legalization. Only 37 percent opposed.

A previous ABC News/Washington Post poll found 46 percent in support. In California, a Field Poll found 56 percent backing legalization.

Responding to the poll at a press conference Tuesday, California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger called for an open debate on legalization.

Voters were asked: “Scarce law enforcement and prison resources, a desire to neutralize drug cartels and the need for new sources of revenue have resurrected the topic of legalizing marijuana. Proponents say it makes sense to tax and regulate the drug while opponents say that legalization would lead marijuana users to use other illegal drugs. Would you favor or oppose the government’s effort to legalize marijuana?”

52 percent. And… ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER. Do it now, Mr. Obama


Puff Puff Phelps…

Posted by Brudder Stoner On April - 30 - 2009

After winning 8 golds at the 2008 Olympics; people still gave flack to Michael Phelps when someone released a pic of him tappin’ some bong a couple months back. He was dropped by sponsors (Kellogs being the big one), made fun off on late night talk shows, called a bad influence etc, etc, etc… What people failed to realize is that Phelps is Phelps a young 20 something year old who wants to live life as a young 20 something for once. Since this story is already old news; I wont go on a rampage about what happened or why or the outcomes or whats he doing about etc… but since goldenpoodle from Cali sent us this Phelps support-T we thought of reopening the can of worms one more time. We support you MP; in the pool and with a bong! PUFF PUFF SWIM……

Michael Phelps

How could you be so…

Posted by Brudder Stoner On April - 29 - 2009

dr. evil? you brinin out a side of me that I dont know… What KW does when he’s not whinning about not getting awards!

Kanya Spliff

Smokin Angel!

Posted by Brudder Stoner On March - 11 - 2009

Hollywood’s former ‘IT’ girl and 1/3 of Charlies Angel – Cameron Diaz was caught smoking the good ish… Now we all know why Justin Dumped her. His mom said that smoking pot is bad and girls that do it have cooties. Smoke up Diaz, smoke up!


Mischa Mischa Mischa…we (heart) you

Posted by Brudder Stoner On January - 16 - 2009

So young and so beautiful and smoking a joint just they way we like it. Fomr our “Caught High” files this week, we bring you Mischa Barton. Some of you might rememebr her from The 6th Sense and The Homecoming or more famously as Marissa cooper from The OC! Well she got caught and we love her! Another one down and a million more to go… For all you celebrities out there; we know you do it, we have the inside scoop. its just a matter of time that we get a snapshot of you doing the good stuff instead of getting caught without panties on… You know who you are! come clean people, its all natural!

Where’s Santa?

Posted by Brudder Stoner On January - 14 - 2009

So christmas is over an every good boy got toys and every good girl got boys! So where the fuck is santa when the holidays are done? See for yourself! Dude really knows how to pAAArty!

Steve – O again?

Posted by Brudder Stoner On January - 14 - 2009

Dude, you are a fcukin jackass but a smart one! huh? ok that line makes sense to me even though some not so smart but smart people might consider it an oxymoron. Well whatver dude, your a fcuking blowjob! hahaha thanks Russell!

Our Golden Girl

Posted by Brudder Stoner On January - 11 - 2009

and…. here she is again stonners and stonnies of! The one and only ‘IT’ girl of holywood Pari Hilton! We love her and she loves nature! Every guys dream to be with someone who cares about nature so much. Thats hot~

Paris Highlton! ~ that’s hot!

Posted by Brudder Stoner On December - 23 - 2008

Every generation has its share of celebrities than come around and make the boys go crazy and the girls get envious. Yes, we’ve all seen the night-shot videos and the amazing BJ’s in Pj’s that this girl can give… But let’s show some love for this shot… For this is the money shot of the one and only… Pari (Say it with a french accent) Parrrrri…



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