Perils of Alcohol Consumption …

Posted by Papa Roach On April - 22 - 2010

apologies to the alkoholiks

Posted by Papa Roach On December - 8 - 2009

Something happened over the weekend that made me sit back an just pace my thoughts. It was bought to attention that blogginghigh continually bashes alkoholiks. Fine Fine, admins from this site also indulge in some drinky drinky from time to time so anything that suggests we are totally anti-drinking is not painting the right picture. So apologies for that. Let’s make it clear, alkoholiks are fine by us but its the establishment, the government, the very fabric of society that embraces drinking as part of the culture but then frowns upon recreational marijuana use, THAT is not fine an its those established norms that we have an issue with. So go on drink your drink, puke your guts out, slur your words, act a fool, start your fights while I stand there smoking my joint just observing you acting a fool but apparently that’s fine by society. That’s Fcuked!!!


High Vs.Drunk Joke

Posted by Papa Roach On September - 15 - 2009

A stoner an a drunkard were walking down the hill when teh drunkard turned to the stoner an said, “lets roll down this hill” an with that he started rolling down the hill.

The stoner thought to himself, “why not” an he too started rolling down the hill. When the stoner got to the bottom of the hill he saw the drunkard was in pieces whereas he himself was perfectly intact. The Drunkard too was puzzled by this an asked the stoner how he managed to remain intact whereas he was shattered in pieces.

The stoner replied rather mockingly, “Where you pretended you were a bottle of alcohol an rolled down hence shattering in pieces, I pretended I was a Joint!!!”


Posted by Papa Roach On September - 4 - 2009

Light a spliff an pass it among your brethren an even before the haze clears from the spliff, you can feel the stress dissipating away. Enjoy the weekend but remember to enjoy it responsibly now. We, pot smokers are a responsible bunch unlike the alcoholics an other drug abusers. You know who you are. Marijuana grows naturally, just a food for thought!!!


Pot Culture

Posted by Papa Roach On March - 19 - 2009

During our trip to the eastern part of the world recently, we came to a realisation that the pot culture is much like pop culture is alive an booming in every nook an corner of the world. There might be some dissimilarities in the way locals from each part smoke their pot or what type of strain they smoke but in the end its all the same: they all love to get high an have a good time laffin an enjoyin teh little idiosyncrasies that every day brings into their life. I came across some subtle pot references in the most unlikeliest of places, have a look for yourself:

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Take up smoking sensi instead….

Posted by Papa Roach On January - 10 - 2009

Each and every one of us has a vice, a personal drug of choice. Some prefer weed, some alcohol, some acids, some chocolates, some shrooms an what not. I personally condone each an every one of the aforementioned, well except choclocates. I love me some chocolate but take alcohol for example. Its the personal choice of drug for many of us but as you can clearly see the perils of alcohol consumption below, you will realise its not the right choice. VIEWER DISCRETION ADVISED

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