Posted by Papa Roach On April - 20 - 2010

So its April 20th or better known as 420 today. The term is synonymous with pot smokers an as usual almost all of the tokers will be partaking in some celebratory toking at 4:20 p.m. today an a select few will actually make their way down to city circles, parliament hills etc to prove a point. Good, good for them. Personally, the quality of the tokers that is on display to the general people on this day does play the stereotype a bit i.e. unkempt, lazy, jobless an without a focus. This is my biggest issue right here .. Over the years pot smokers have evolved an now cut a wide swath across the professional spectrum, including lawyers, editors, insurance agents, TV producers, and financial biggies, looking nothing like the blotto hippie teens of Dazed and Confused or the unemployed, out-of-shape schlubsters who are a staple of the Judd Apatow canon. By all outward appearances, they are card-carrying, type A workaholics who just happen to prefer kicking back with a blunt instead of a bottle.

Why is it that the intellect pot smokers dont come forward an smoke pot in public?!?! The answer lies in the fact that even today there is a stigma attached with pot smoking an with pot smokers in general. The term pot-head is frankly derogatory cause it connotes that am high 24/7 which is obviously not the case. According to a recent study by The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, an estimated 8 million American women smoked up in the past year—a lowball figure that reflects only those willing to cop to it. Among them is the upper-middle-class Pottery Barn set: One in five women who admitted to indulging in the previous month lives in a household earning more than $75,000 a year.

Some notable developments over the last decade to be proud of on this 420: marijuana has already been decriminalized in 13 states. In cities like Boston and Denver, small-time pot busts are minor offenses on a par with parking violations; first-time offenders earn a token fine—$100 or so—and a talking-to from law enforcement. In California, where the distribution of marijuana for medicinal purposes was legalized in 1996, some 31,000 residents carry cards that make purchasing locally grown weed from any of the state’s estimated 500 dispensaries as easy as filling a prescription at the local pharmacy. Light one up an rejoice but remember to stay classy!!!

World Cup Draw

Posted by Papa Roach On December - 9 - 2009

If you all don’t know by now that the World Cup Draw took place last Friday, then, might I suggest you stop being such a recluse an get out more often. The draw was all over the papers, sports channels, internet forums, social networking sites etc etc. It was presented by South African actress Charlize Theron and a host of other sports stars from the African continent. 32 teams were placed in 8 groups and due to the quality of the teams in that made it to the world cup, a group undoubtedly emerges as the group of death at every world cup and the next edition is no different. 2010 World Cup features a Group of Death that includes the soccer powerhouse Brazil, european juggernauts Portugal an african heavyweights Ivory Coast. Rounding up the group are North Korea who will no doubtedly be the whipping boys of the group. I really feel sorry for Ivory Coast because this is the successive world cup that they’ve been drawn into a group of death. At the last edition they were drawn with Argentina an Netherlands. Next year should be different as am banking on Ivory Coast to cause upsets an come thru to the knockout stages.

Furthermore, here is where its gets interesting: FIFA’s executive committee has announced that the 2010 World Cup prize money will be increased a whopping 60% to a grand total of 420 million dollars. ahahahhahahahahhaa yes you read it right 420 million dollars.

World Cup trophy 2_6

The “Gateway Drug” hypothesis

Posted by Papa Roach On July - 7 - 2009


The other day, I was speaking to an older gentleman about the use of cannabis by young people. His opinion was one that we at blogginghigh.com come across quite often: If youth are allowed to smoke marijuana, what stops them from experimenting with drugs, such as heroin or cocaine, that (unlike marijuana) can result in permanent, if not fatal, damage to the user? (this kind of thinking is what causes marijuana to be called the “Gateway Drug”)

Here’s what I told this person, and what I think you should tell anyone who thinks that using marijuana would lead people to try using life-threatening drugs such as heroin and cocaine.

1. While scientists have long held the “gateway drug” theory to be erroneous, a study at the University of Pittsburgh in  December 2006 proved that “the likelihood that someone will transition to the use of illegal drugs is determined not by the preceding use of a particular drug, but instead by the user’s individual tendencies and environmental circumstances. (link).
The use of marijuana is no more an indicator of further drug use than cigarettes, chocolate or coffee. Read the rest of this entry »


Posted by Papa Roach On May - 29 - 2009

Yes yess another weekends upon us an am glad the weather is co-operating with us this time around. Our good friend/purple knickers confidant is in town an we shall kick start the weekend with her by lightin up a joint, well maybe a few more by the end of the night. So heres to the weekend an to the countless spliffs. Please Enjoy Marijuana Responsibly.(the worst that cud happen is you could find yourself at a mcdonalds drive-thru ordering everythin off the menu)



Posted by Papa Roach On April - 24 - 2009

time for a …


Canadians celebrating 4:20

Posted by Papa Roach On April - 21 - 2009

Across the Globe people celebrated 4:20, some with much fanfare, some with outlandish shenanigans an if you were like us then you most likely celebrated it low-key as we believe that weed should be celebarated every day and not just on one day. The same theory applies to all other holidays that major corporations have come up with such as mothers day & fathers an valentines day. Fcuk it, I say celebrate your love for your mom, dad & ure beloved every single day. Pictured below are Canadians celebrating 4:20 on teh lawn of Parliament Hill in the capitol city of Ottawa, Canada. RCMP officials monitoring the event say that the demonstration is one of the most peaceful peace protests that they have to deal with as the protestors usually light up an then wander off the hill in search of a hot dog vendor. sooo atypical loll.

4-20 Marijuana Protest 20090420


Happy 420!

Posted by Brudder Stoner On April - 20 - 2009

Happy 420

bloggingHIGH sermon

Posted by Papa Roach On January - 15 - 2009

In a nutshell, thats all there is to know about blogginghigh (for the HIgh, by the HIgh). CHOOSE BLOGGINGHIGH.COM

Left Foot Right Foot Left Foot…..

Posted by Papa Roach On January - 9 - 2009


Take a walk instead an enjoy the various sights an sounds that nature has to offer



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