Toronto Global Marijuana March

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The annual Toronto Global Marijuana March took place on May 1st of this year and for 11th year in a row, it went without a single arrest – Try saying the same about an alcohol march! (you wouldn’t dare) I know we are a little late in posting pics about the march but here are some first hand pics sent to us by MF from Toronto! Thanks MF – Hope you enjoyed the march!

Stoner Homer

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I really cannot think of anything creative to go along with these amazing high pics of the simpsons… But my fav character has to be Barney Gumble. He kinda reminds me of a friend I got who used to be big and a useless drunk until he got his pilots license like Barney. So now I end this not high-larious post with some pics of some high simpson characters!

Happy Hamster Friday!

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Because it’s friday and we be in a good mood today with the world cup on and everything else, we thought we bring back a classic. One of the most annoying songs but when you’re high, anything sounds funny. Try smoking a big fatty and blasting this loud on your 808’s… Enjoy the weekend everyone!

Some Thursday Editorial Funnies….

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Thanks to Bobby J. from AZ for sending in these editorial funnies. We are so high that we cannot remember if we posted these before. But in any case, thanks Bobby J and enjoy…

If you have high stories, jokes, news, videos etc… that you would like to have added to this site, please feel free to send in your media to and we will post it up!

Michael Phelps Scores Doritos Endorsement!

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Olympic swimming champion Michael Phelps, who’s been hitting the water bong more than he’s been hitting the water, snatched up another key endorsement this week. Doritos, breakfast of champion smokers, tokers and jokers, reported this week that Phelps will be endorsing its delicious products.

At a recent press conference, Phelps acknowledged Doritos are the key to his dope-smoking regimen. “Dude,” Phelps said, with his mouth full of Nacho Cheese Doritos. “Dude. These are good.” Team Phelps spokesperson Harvey “Cheech” Meredith said that Phelps only endorses products he believes in and that the snack food is instrumental in getting through the day.

“Michael needs Doritos when he’s going for the gold,” said Meredith. “Colombian gold or otherwise.” Meredith explained how critical those chips are to a strenuous olympic swimming routine. 

“Michael takes two laps in the pool, two tokes from the pipe and two handfuls from the Doritos bag,” Meredith said. “It’s
consistency that makes a champion.”

“Dude,” Phelps said. “These are good.” A whole line of snack food products have lined up to win the endorsement of the pot head’s new watery hero, including Krispy Kreme donuts, Keebler cookies and Hostess Ho Hos.

*as featured on

When you gotta go…

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We’ve all been there. Sometimes you just gotta unzip and let’er rip! This is exactly what happened during a recent soccer match between 2 African countries. Not sure about the players name but we thought this was pretty high-larious so we had to post it! Go ENGLAND for FIFA 2010.


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Someone told me the other day that they dont get the concept of working for 40 years of your life so you can save money to enjoy retirement that only last for a few years anyways… (15 if you’re lucky) Me personally, I hate the concept of “working for the man” (like fello blogger Papa Roach puts it) It just dosnt make sense. Everyone today has an idea that can make them rich. What stops them is ‘DRIVE’. Alot of people that I’ve met are either too lazy or too stressed out with life to even dabble with the concept of starting out on their own. I think starting a business is kinda like marriage. You ned to say your ‘I Do’s’ and stick with it though the good times and bad, the sickness and health. Because let’s face it, after we cross 65ish, there is more sickness than good health. And working for the man before is not gonna leave you in the best shape to survive retirement. Unless you’re like granny below who has some good grand-kids that feeds them the good stuff. I think that would make retirement slower and take care of all aches and pains. Just my 2 cents for this boring Monday.

High Poll!

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Reporter getting stoned on-air

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Watch what happens when an on-air reporter reports live from location

T.G.I.F – Smoke em dry…

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It’s Friday Biaaaaatches…. the weekend s finally here and it’s time to pull out the stash and light one up. See the difference between smoking during the week vs a friday is that during the week your mind is still semi-occupied with the thought about waking up for work the next day (unless you have no work or school). When you spark the good stuff up on Friday or Saturday… it’s a different High. It’s a high above all highs especially if you get super-high; becuase that high is just super, like super super high. You have no work the next day, it’s your day to sleep in and everything seems fiiine. So if you are hittin town to paint it red, staying indoors and getting baked or lighting up a big one by yourself as a reward for doing the 9-5 from Mon – Fri; be safe, have fun and enjoy!



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