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Light a spliff an pass it among your brethren an even before the haze clears from the spliff, you can feel the stress dissipating away. Enjoy the weekend but remember to enjoy it responsibly now. We, pot smokers are a responsible bunch unlike the alcoholics an other drug abusers. You know who you are. Marijuana grows naturally, just a food for thought!!!


Survival Kits

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We like to do our part in edumacating our readers on some basic survival tips… The picture below has all the things you need before starting off any road trip, camping trip, vacation etc… It can be your best friend during times of stress! heck, even I keep a handy dandy kit with moi at all times.. I call her Varvatos!… My kit has a bottle of visine as well… you know for what… So.. do our readers have kits? what else to you include in the kit?

survival kit

Collie Buddz – Mary Jane

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Dj AM … r.i.p.

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Yet again, a gifted life has been cut short due to the ill effects of drugs. Reports coming outta NYC where Dj AM’s body was found point to a death linked to the overdose of Oxycontin. For those who don’t know what Oxycontin is, it is commonly referred to as “hilbilly heroin”. Originally introduced in the market as a  pain killer, patients who were prescribed Oxycontin soon found out that they developed a dependency on it an were finding it harder an harder to kick the habit. In the cases similar to Dj AM whereby he was a self proclaimed drug abuser an was on the path to sobriety, oxycontin relapsed them. This is a drug that can be purchased at your local pharmacy an is more often prescribed by doctors as a pain killer. In 2002 alone, Oxycontin accounted for a total of $1.f  billion worth of sales an it is estimated that since then the demand for it has only increased thus filling the coffers of the pharmaceutical company manufacturing it. So why is it that a drug so potent an so harmful is continued to be sold in pharmacies across America an on the other hand millions of dollars are being spent by the same government trying to eradicate marijuana. When was teh last time you heard someone dying because of marijuana?!?!?


Adios, Sayonara ….

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No NO!!! Blogginghigh is not shutting down nor are we bidding goodbye to our valuable readers. We just wanna take this moment to express our heartfelt good-bye to our fellow admin Purple Knickers who has just wrapped up the visit of our country an as we speak is en route back to her home. The last three weeks have been a blur of impromptu trips, smoking sessions, guitar sing-alongs, crazy shenanigans, random get togethers an and an engagement celebration thrown in for good measure!!! Its most certainly has been a hectic period in our lives juggling work, school & leisure activities an this is most visible in the scarce number of posts on blogginghigh. Purple Knickers, you truly are an awesome person armed with a charming personality that enables you to your own spotlight wherever you are. It was a blast having you here an we will undoubtedly miss all the little things that you used to do an say whether it was the inappropriate usage of our terms or random yelping & whimpering in sleep BUT one thing that we will most definitely most especially miss is “Varios”. Please do say hi to him from us for he has single handedly left the biggest impression on us. Until the next chilling session, whether its in our part of the world or yours, we shall look forward to it …. Ciao


The Frog Story!

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Thanks to Lil’Godfather for sending in this higher than high original story!

2 frogs

There was a dog, a frog, nd a duck who were best of friends. One day the dog got in a fight with the duck nd bit him nd he died. the dog was so scared he was going to be put down that he told the frog what he did. the frog so upset wipped his tongue out to slap the dog that it instead hit the dogs eye nd pulled it out, the dog then bled to death. the frog starttled that he lost his 2 best friends sneaked his way into a womens house, kissed the women, nd the women became a frog. nd now the frog was not alone so he forgot about his 2 best friends.

PurpleKnickers : I Know You, Or Do I ?

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I’m filling the blanks. Leveling out the holes. Crowding up the empty spaces between me and my past.

I’ve been told that nothing in this life is irreparable, nothing is beyond redemption. And perhaps its true. Perhaps, one of these days, I might completely heal over. That being said, I might never pull it all out by the roots, only because I cannot fathom how deep it went; whether it embedded itself into the subcutaneous layer, whether it seeped into my blood and bones. I can’t tell, the past’s a scrambled mess, my depth perception as distorted as my schema.
So I do it slowly. I deconstruct, chord by painful chord. I unstring, I undulate, and I will do so to the threshold of 2012, until there are no chords; nothing left to use a pair of scissors on except hair. I marry the change, I make it my own.
In the deeper recesses of my mind, I am glad that people change; I am glad they transform until they’re unrecognizable. No one wants to kiss a stranger, and I can’t keep sleeping with an estranged past.  

It seems we’re all going up in flames, but there’s so much beauty in the wreckage, so much promise in our pyres. 

Argentina Decriminalizes Marijuana Use

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Argentina’s Supreme Court on Tuesday decriminalized the possession of small amounts of marijuana for personal use, tossing out tough provincial drug laws whose penalties it deemed unconstitutional. The high court ruling protects “the privacy of adults who are responsible for their own conduct,” according to a court statement.

It said the constitution protected “the private actions of individuals who in no way offend order or public morality, or harm a third party, who answer to God free from a judge’s authority.” (pretty deep indeed!!!)

The court ruled on a case involving the trial and sentencing of five young people arrested during a sweep in early 2006, when police seized between one and three marijuana cigarettes from each of them. (what a waste of police resources busting small kids with measly quantities)

The verdict comes just four days after Mexico legalized possession of small quantities of drugs such as heroin, marijuana and cocaine, arguing that limited resources are better used in the fight against organized drug crime. (go after the bigger fish like ruthless traffickers!!!) The change means Mexicans can possess up to five grams of marijuana, 500 milligrams of cocaine, two grams of opium or 50 milligrams of heroin without fear of prosecution.

Soccer Referee arrested on Marijuana warrant

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A Peruvian referee who was to work a Copa Sudamericana soccer match in Chile was arrested upon arriving in the country on Tuesday on an outstanding warrant tied to a 1997 marijuana case. Chilean police took Georges Buckley(pictured below) into custody at the airport in the capital Santiago. He was later released after appearing in court and ordered not to leave Chile until the presiding judge had issued a ruling.

Buckley was arrested in 1997 for smoking marijuana in public as he was preparing to enter a concert, the communications office for Chile’s judiciary said. A student at the time, Buckley ignored an order to appear in court and returned home to Peru, it said. Buckley was scheduled to referee the match between Chile’s Union Espanola and Colombia’s La Equidad on Tuesday night.

Come on Peru: this was a young kid who broke the law by smoking a small joint before heading to a concert .. a CONCERT for godsakes .. ure entitled to drink an smash ureself at one but cant smoke a joint .. thts jus appalling.


Want Free Weed?

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KUSH LA is a maryjane-centric magazine and this month they’re running a joint promotion (pun intended) with The Rainforest Collective. In the August edition of KUSH, readers will find a coupon offering the first 100 coupon holders a free 8th of marijuana to “new patients”, says Folio Mag.

After the first round the second group of 100 coupon holders to sign up as patients get a free gram of the drug, and subsequent signers-up can spin the 420 wheel for door prizes. The free monthly magazine is part of dailybuds.com, whose Web site is being built.



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