PurpleKnickers : Wet Mud, Warm Roses and Amazing Grace.

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What is it that scares you most?
Is it the infinitude of black that will consume you in your death?
Is it the realization of your utter dispensability in the larger scheme of things? The realization that the world will continue to spin without you, the universe- continue to hum, your friends and lovers continue to live, regardless of your absence? I understand this fear because I have seen it- precipitated on the pale foreheads of the dying, their  clammy fingers holding on to yours, in a desperate attempt to grasp any last wisps of life.
But for inexplicable reasons, I was never afraid. Not for them, not for myself.
Ever since I was a child, my understanding of death far superseded my understanding of life, but I wish I had more of a grasp of the latter. And yet it eludes and I am left, always, with the scent of miasma looming over my waking self; with wet mud, warm roses and worms- more real in their decadence than the six senses of a blooming life.

I fear that the only real permanence in life is death; not love, not roses, not beauty. I fear that that there is too much beauty, and my body- too little to contain it.  I fear that it will all escape me, like each syncopated breath that leaves my mouth, like grains of sand that slip through my fingers.

I fear that I will live a little less because I do not fear death at all.

So I do what I must- I run; not away, but alongside, so I can stay on par with what is already fleeting.  Life. I fear life, because it is more magnanimous, more mysterious than death, and yet there is nothing within in that will not crumble to dust. There is nothing that will remain untouched, untainted- not even love- the very purpose of my existence. And like all other mortal facets, I find my memory fleeting, I find myself forgetting even this- my fondest memories that I must love, and hold on to my love until I am lying in my casket, as only providence for wet mud, warm roses and worms, only another crumb of dirt that you will tread upon, someday, in your fearful walk towards the end.

They begin the same- our life, our death- with a tunnel and a brute force, an intermittent dance of shadow and light that delivers you into a vacuous unknown.

So why is it that I was more scared to arrive than I will be to depart?

Paris Hilton arrested @ World Cup for Marijuana

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Poor Paris Hilton … the heiress accustomed to the handcuffs by now thanks to her DUI’s in America can’t even catch a break in crime ridden South Africa. Apparently Paris and her friend, former Playmate of the Year Jennifer Rovero were outside the Nelson Mandela Bay stadium following the Brazil-Netherlands qarterfinal game when local cops smelled marijuana. Upon approaching Paris & Jennifer, it is alleged that a spliff was suspiciously dropped to the ground[smart thinking!!!] but they were taken into custody nonetheless. Paris Hilton is a celebrity and a legitimate heiress so naturally er charges were dropped after her friend Jennifer took the blame upon which the World Cup Special Court ordered Jennifer to pay $130 an leave South AFrica in 14 days. Well the Final’s are in a week so she’s good loll.

Why is marijuana illegal?

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What a great article that reiterates what we’ve been preaching for a while now. We all know that good causes of green outweigh any negative “assumptions” that people have about it. But for some reason, we still consider a plant that is grown naturally illegal? Does not make sense to us.  The pic below is of Jessica Alba doing the handy-dandy!

Why is marijuana illegal? Why is it illegal when far more dangerous drugs, like alcohol and tobacco, are legal? Despite any hesitations you may have about marijuana, the research proving that it is hardly dangerous is in. And it means something.

Sure, marijuana can make you lazy and lethargic. But so can a big meal. Sure, it can make you hear, see, or feel things in a new way, but I think most of us know that alcohol does the same thing. Except alcohol tends to bring out violence in a lot of people, extreme behavior, and cigarettes cause cancer…

My point is that it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that something is up with the legalization of marijuana, regardless of whether or not that rocket scientist smokes him/herself.

The state of California is catching on to the BS surrounding the case of marijuana and they have long been standing against it. Leading the way in legalizing marijuana for medicinal reasons, it shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone that California is now trying to make marijuana legal for everyone.

A new initiative has been constructed that could easily end up in the November ballot. This initiative will allow for the ‘drug’ to be sold to anyone at any place that sells alcohol. It’s called The Inalienable Rights Enforcement Initiative. There are pieces of it online, and you know what? I think they’re totally right here.

With all of the life-sucking drugs that are available legally, it’s hard for me to believe that we’re a progressive country when we can’t come to terms with marijuana. Anyone else with me…and California?

*as featured on college candy; written by Elizabeth-Baruch College

love anonymous…

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In the spirit of the moment you let your guard down to attract
nothing but a virus, the pleasures’ so momentary
the urge was purely sexual, emotions faked to climax
the possibilities were shallow as a wading pool: visually blinding
caught in a scent that has strains of DNA
embedded deep in your subconscious, where negativity didn’t matter
few words were spoken, may be to some; too many were
but behind the wood, history was taking place
where only the involved would know
“i love anonymous
i love anonymous
and anonymous loves me!”
lying you are content, when a butterfly not so pretty flutters’ by
but one, that would sprinkle color in your life
your mind shackled to the recognizable faded jeans and white top
you fulfilled the very notion of why science claimed we exist
we exist to LOVE ANONYMOUSLY. Those memories live on.


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Fello stoners, tokers and nature lovers…
We are pleased to introduce the new BLOGGINGHIGH Fourms. A link to the forum can be found in the top NAV bar. Get in there and discuss your rolling skills, highest grade, teach the newbies how to do it right and all that other good stuff!

Also, on the NAV Bar, you will notice a Marijuana Dispensaries link. THCfinder.com is a place were medical marijuana patients can find the safest and highest quality dispensaries and cannabis clubs closet to their area. Check out the website – some neat stuff on there!

Some thursday editorial funnies….

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If you have been following our blog lately, you will notice that every thursday we post some editorial funnies… We have been getting alot of +’ive feedback about this section and will continue to post these every thursdays… Enjoy this weeks edition of Thursday Editorial funnies!…

On the board!

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Thanks to our good bud FILTER who took a trip via the capital of all weed capitals – AMSTERDAM! – He was sure to click a pic of the board that lists out prices of the good good green! Now if only a store like that existed in NA, it would be oh so sweeeeet! Sometimes I think we are getting jipped by not making nature legal.  How is it right to make something that grows naturally illegal? Might as well make apples and bananas against the law too…

Cop 1: I see you eating a banana, do you have a license for that?
Man: No officer, I found this on the tree and plucked it cause I was hungry
Cop 1: Very well then, since you took something that grows naturally and peeled away the skin, you’re under arrest.
Man: For what?
Cop 1: You acting smart? Let me tase you…
Cop 1: You’re now under arrest for screaming profanity to the POPO, I mean Police…

Little things amuse us…

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We’ve all had those silly little inside joke moments where only we get it. Get it? I’m not talking about inside jokes that we share with a couple of close friends, but inside jokes that we share with ourselves. Heck, I’ve had a couple myself lately that trigger a slight chuckle every now and then. The latest seemed to come from a road sign I spotted while driving. NO; I did not stop to inquire about prices!

Must Watch – The Pope of Dope

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We just love the the way the fire meets the bong meets her mouth – Expressive and HIGH!



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