FCUK’D UP NEWS – Man tied lizards to chest at airport

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Ok, we know this is not high news, but this ish is so fcuk’ed up.. How in the world could he do this? And how did those lizards stay in place? Does anyone have a picture to share? Send it to stoner@blogginghigh.com and we shall get it up here….


Fri Nov 20, 9:57 pm ET

LOS ANGELES – Federal officials say they arrested a man who strapped 15 live lizards to his chest to get through customs at Los Angeles International Airport.

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service said Friday that 40-year-old Michael Plank of Lomita, Calif., was returning from Australia when U.S. Customs agents found two geckos, two monitor lizards and 11 skinks — another type of lizard — fastened to his body Tuesday.

Plank has been released on $10,000 bond and will be arraigned in federal court on Dec. 21.

Authorities say the lizards’ value totals more than $8,500. All Australian reptiles are strictly regulated and Plank did not have a permit for them.

Poof Poof Poss…

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That would be exactly how the Brits would say it… But since it’s Monday and we are in an enjoyable moos, we thought of starting off today with a FOR THE MEN posts!.. Don’t worry ladies, I’m sure Purple Knickers will take care of you!


What A Weekend !

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I think I have to go and give the person who decided.. ” Here these peculiar objects.. I’m going to make some sound out of them and call it Music ” a super ginormous hug ! That moment I’m pretty sure even he did not realize the enormity of his idea.

I know Drugs and Rock and Roll go hand in hand.. I also know how much Papa R wants everyone to know that we may smoke some chronic but we’re still very responsible ( well most of us ) and intelligent beings ( some of us ).. so this blog is quite a reverse – psychology post. Yesterday I went to watch this rock band perform and I was Perfectly Sober. ( yea okay the irony of blogging on a site for the high ) but I just want to emphasize my point that even though there were people doing hash and weed all over the place, I was sober and I enjoyed myself ! Hence, the message is… We pot smokers can go to a place that is the most cliched cliche of needing to be intoxicated to enjoy the music and prove them wrong. I’d pay big money to see an alcohol drinker go to a club and NOT buy any alcohol ! Score one for the Greens !

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PurpleKnickers : Forever Young.

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Youth is like diamonds in the sun
And diamonds are forever
So many adventures couldn’t happen today
So many songs we forgot to play
So many dreams are swinging out of the blue
We let them come true !
My body’s moving. A warm comfortable breeze brushes against my arm like a scorned lover with too much pride to stop and say hello.
I feel my past falling away from me, little chunks of disillusionment that melt into the porous earth, ready to soak it all up for me. I’m losing what until recently I thought was everything that I am or what I could be. I’m losing the amalgamation that I had formed between my bending heart, my bad decisions and my crusade for freedom.
I fear that I’m losing my youth.
People have a habit of remaking their memories, of polishing their past or modifying the nuances of nostalgia. Our autobiographical memory, they say, leads us to believe over time that our past really was better than our lives of the present.
But I refuse to forget any of it. The uncertainty, love, melancholy, sympathy, lucidity, vulnerability, strength and loyalty.
The villains and the heroes.
The beauty of the world through eager eyes.
The beauty of being young.
Young, forever.

Hand Of God

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Alot of football pundits are talking about the ‘Handball’ by Thiery Henry that handed France (Pun Intended) a place at the 2010 world cup. We’ll some of us at BH have our own thoughts about this. As you’re probably aware, the authors of this website are huge soccer fanatics and support different teams – Country and Clubs… One thing that we all do agree on is ‘the spirit of fair play.’ So what do we think about the infamous handball? To start off with, each of us will weigh in differently from different angles. I’ll go first… This is what ‘Brudder Stoner’ has to say.


I understand the pressure that a footballer goes through when he’s on the pitch. Factor in playing for your country, 80,000+ watching you live, another couple million watching you all around the world and you need to do whatever it takes to make it to the world cup… What do you do? The right thing or the right thing? In football my friends, everything happens in a split second and sometimes the fairplay is not just player vs player but player vs ball. In this case it was the later. Henry did not break someones leg, he did not head butt or abuse another player or fan verbally, he did not punch someone out, he did not run behind the ref looking like a babboon  Ballack did. He did handle the ball. He did pass the ball off with his hand and yes he did admit it. Who does he have to answer to for unfair play? In this situation, I think it’s himself. It wasn’t and Adebayor stamp on Van persie, it was HUMAN VS OBJECT. Do I think what he did was right? Absolutely NOT. Do I agree that France deserve to be in the world cup? NO. Do I wish they replay this match? YES… Does my opinion matter? NO So why am I writing this? Because I am high and I LOVE FOOOOOOOTBALL!

She still says NO NO NO…

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Trust me they’ve tried and she refuses… But what Amy Whinehouse did not refuse is to get herself some jugs… some big big ta-tas, some giant mogambos, coco jumbos even and guess what? SHE FCUK’IN LOVES IT! She even plans to have implants in her ass to come across as being more curvy… Here’s a tip for you Amy – lay of the crack and eat something healthy! It’s all that rich white powder she’s been snorting that makes her look sickel celled…. May be if she just sticks to what shes doing in the picture below it will all be good!

amy whinehouse

A Bag For My Buddies.

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A trip to Am-Dam thank you Ma’am ! A fellow friend who loves all things green recently made a trip to the “Haven” of smokers, smokees and everyone inbetween and thought it was time to spread some early Christmas cheer. So since I got my share of luurrvvee I’m sending out a bag to all my buddies ..

One for Roach, one for Brudder, one for Filts, one for Gauva, one for me and the rest you are free to take !!!


What’s that cliche phrase??

Posted by Papa Roach On November - 18 - 20091 COMMENT

marijuana (2)

Often we run into friends an their acquaintances and they always seem to have this disdain look on their faces when we step out to smoke a joint. Its as if we are some lowlifes that have chosen the wrong path. We are intellectual, educated & mature grown ups that do like to occasionally smoke a joint and see nothing wrong with it. We are not causing a nuisance, slurring our words acting like a jackass then why are we being judged for smoking a joint. Its as if marijuana smokers are constantly under a spotlight.

“Don’t judge a book by its cover”, yep thats that cliche phrase but in this case its very apt. Try it and you might like it.

Cannabis Foods

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There are various ways to get high using sensi. Of couse the most common method is by smoking it in a bong, water pipe, a blunt or simply in a rolling paper. If you wanna get creative and have the time on hand then you can make some Cannabis Food items such as hash brownies, marijuana tea, space cakes etc.

The advantages of of consuming sensi this way is that you prolong the high over the course of many hours in comparison to say 1-2 hours when smoking a joint. Be careful thou cause when you consume sensi as a food, the high just creeps on you without you even realizing it as food takes time to breakdown in your system. As it does gradually, you get high an then sober out and as teh food breaks down further you get high again. Its a constant cycle so make sure that you have nothing planned for the entire day so that you can just chill the fcuk out an enjoy your high.

Ohh an one important reminder folks: As we all know, smoking sensi gives you the funchies/munchies and its no different when you consume sensi. It has the exact same effects BUT be very careful cause as you consume the Cannabis Foods, you will get the munchies/funchies an guess what you’re gonn reach for …. the aforementioned Cannabis Foods.


p.s. : go to an amusement park after consuming foods .. its a fun joyous ride an thts personal xperience


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I have named this trippy image zoomabafoo; Dont ask why, dont ask who! I am high and so are you! ZOOOOMABAFOO! yooooouuuuuuuu… Ok that’s really wack but whats even wackier is getting high and staring at this ish… For sure you will trip out!

high image



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