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Bob Marley T-shirt incident sparks human rights complaint

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WOW….I couldn’t believe when i read this piece of news recently … read on

A man plans to file a human-rights complaint against an amusement park after security guards told him to cover up his Bob Marley T-shirt or leave the premises. But Montreal’s La Ronde insists it didn’t have a problem with the shirt’s portrait of the late reggae legend — just the cluster of green, marijuana-shaped leaves that surround it. He says security staff singled him out because they associated a black man wearing a Marley shirt with something criminal.

“The onus is on Six Flags to explain to me, the Marley family, fans of Bob Marley around the world, how this T-shirt is deemed ‘inappropriate’ to ordinary families,” Moise said in a statement. But a spokesman for La Ronde indicates that only the pictures of pot leaves on the shirt were considered offensive under the Six Flags’ corporate-wide dress code. “It’s not the image of Bob Marley that’s in question here,” Martin Roy said Wednesday. “It’s the dozens of marijuana leaves on the shirt that were judged by the employees as not family friendly.”

Bears guard marijuana crop

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No that is not a typo …. Law personnel in British Columbia, CANADA came across a crop of marijuana being guarded by Bears. Apparently it is the most bizarre security system they have ever encountered.

Police regularly monitor several drug sites in the hills above Christina Lake. But a recent raid on one marijuana grow operation had an unexpected defense system. Police found at least ten bears patrolling the grounds around thousands of pot plants. The bears were fed dog food and vegetables to keep them in the area. Police say the bears were so docile the animals were actually playful as they approached.

“They were tame, they just sat around watching. At one point one of the bears climbed onto the hood of a police car, sat there for a bit and then jumped off,” said Royal Canadian Mounted Police sergeant Fred Mansveld. Two people have been arrested, and are facing charges. I wonder if Yogi Bear was one of them!!!

Richard Lee-ding the way to make Marijuana mainstream!

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Richard Lee helped convince Oakland voters to tax medical marijuana dispensaries and make them more legit, now he’s taking the idea state-wide. – Some interesting opinions and POV’s in the video below. 

US border cops nab Mexican teen with POT on bicycle

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I feel sorry for the kid that keeps getting recruited by the big goons to do their dirty work. Are they that stupid to think that no one is gonna see or smell the pot on a bicycle? Especially if you want the kid to cross the US border? They should try bicycling over the border themselves to see if this ish works. These dudes need to learn about smuggling from Pablo Escabar… lol But read up on a true story below that made news today!

PHOENIX (Reuters) – U.S. border police have nabbed a Mexican teen caught cycling over the Arizona border with a load of marijuana — his second such arrest in five days, authorities said.

Border Patrol agents in Yuma, in far western Arizona, said they arrested the 17-year-old boy pedaling a bicycle loaded with 30 pounds of pot near the Colorado River on Sunday evening.

Agents ran a records check and found they had arrested the same boy in the same area on July 14, on that occasion wheeling into the United States with 27 pounds of marijuana on his bicycle.

Mexican drug cartels frequently use youngsters to ferry narcotics over the U.S. border because as juveniles they often can avoid prosecution.

Border Patrol agents turned the unnamed bicycling youth over to the Yuma County Narcotics Task Force.

Looking for BLOGGERS

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That’s right folks! – BloggingHigh is looking for upbeat, down to earth, high thinking, high rolling, spliff toking bloggers who love to spit their high thoughts for the world to read. Our website has already crossed the 1 million mark in hits this year and we are eager to get some new talent on board. So if you think you got what it takes to be a high blogger, send us an email for more info on how you can become an author on – Email

PS: This is a paying job, but a very very very very very very low paying job. (Please dont quit your day job) It’s more a chance to get your stuff published and read by millions each year. You can have all the bragging rights you want and we shall give you high credit throughout the site!

When times get tough!

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It’s so true… Sometimes when you’re feeling down and low and sad and lonely and overwhelmed with bills that have not been paid for over 5 months because your dealer increased prices of a HQ from 25 bucks to $35; you roll up a fatty and smoke that ish and BOOOM – You’re bills are still not paid, but atleast you got HIGH! –
For everything else there’s Mastercard (Because dealers are just not high-tech as yet)

The Survival Mentality

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Thanks to CD from Toronto for providing us with todays ‘food for thought’! Some great lessons here, especially since we already have a survival mentality after we smoke the good stuff! Thanks CD

You shouldn’t live with a “barely-get-by” attitude. You should thrive, live an abundant, overflowing life. Sometimes when things seem difficult, it’s easy to slip into a “survival mode.” When times get tough, it’s tempting to just hunker down and settle where you are. If you’re not careful, you’ll develop a survival mentality that will keep you from growing and releasing your faith. You’ll be happy just to “break even.” We’re not supposed to just break even; we’re supposed to break through to a new level! Make up your mind today that no matter how difficult things seem, you are going to thrive every day! Declare that you are rising higher. As you continue to expect and increase, you’ll see blessings in your life, and you will thrive and live in victory all the days of your life.

Happy Monday – Funny Weed Video

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MARIJUANA GIRL by N. R. de Mexico

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An interesting book that we found online… I have not read it but would love to. If anyone has read the book, leave a comment letting us know how it is.

Joyce Taylor was a nice high school girl, maybe a little wild, and when she is kicked out of school for doing a bump-and-grind number on a cafeteria table she moves to the big city and gets a job. There she meets a man who introduces her to the smoky world of jazz and before she knows it, she’s inhaled some of that sweet, sweet smoke. When the cops get in on the action the misery starts and Joyce finds herself on a roller coaster ride to oblivion. N.R. de Mexico wrote as if he knew his subject, yet refrained from getting as preachy about dope as many of his contemporaries did. The pot-smoking jazz scene of the 50s is well described and filled with smart, sympathetic people.



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