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Posted by Brudder Stoner On August - 26 - 2010

Straight Talk …

Posted by Papa Roach On April - 23 - 2010

“Well I don’t like this person”, “I don’t prefer that thing” , “Why aren’t we doing this”, “Why are you doing that” …. Fcuk off seriously … smoke a joint an jus chill the fcuk out an enjoy life … stop worrying about the mundane shit in life … The Native Indians before every major sit-down to discuss politics or whatever, first pass around a peace pipe: puff, puff, pass an then the meeting starts. Everyone gets stoned an then guess what … they realize that they are bickering an hollering over small matters that are so time & energy consuming that it gets to a point where it just effects your health without you even realizing it …. you start giving of negative vibes …. fcuk that shit … am all about the positivity an if you cant make peace with that fact then …..


Posted by Papa Roach On April - 20 - 2010

So its April 20th or better known as 420 today. The term is synonymous with pot smokers an as usual almost all of the tokers will be partaking in some celebratory toking at 4:20 p.m. today an a select few will actually make their way down to city circles, parliament hills etc to prove a point. Good, good for them. Personally, the quality of the tokers that is on display to the general people on this day does play the stereotype a bit i.e. unkempt, lazy, jobless an without a focus. This is my biggest issue right here .. Over the years pot smokers have evolved an now cut a wide swath across the professional spectrum, including lawyers, editors, insurance agents, TV producers, and financial biggies, looking nothing like the blotto hippie teens of Dazed and Confused or the unemployed, out-of-shape schlubsters who are a staple of the Judd Apatow canon. By all outward appearances, they are card-carrying, type A workaholics who just happen to prefer kicking back with a blunt instead of a bottle.

Why is it that the intellect pot smokers dont come forward an smoke pot in public?!?! The answer lies in the fact that even today there is a stigma attached with pot smoking an with pot smokers in general. The term pot-head is frankly derogatory cause it connotes that am high 24/7 which is obviously not the case. According to a recent study by The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, an estimated 8 million American women smoked up in the past year—a lowball figure that reflects only those willing to cop to it. Among them is the upper-middle-class Pottery Barn set: One in five women who admitted to indulging in the previous month lives in a household earning more than $75,000 a year.

Some notable developments over the last decade to be proud of on this 420: marijuana has already been decriminalized in 13 states. In cities like Boston and Denver, small-time pot busts are minor offenses on a par with parking violations; first-time offenders earn a token fine—$100 or so—and a talking-to from law enforcement. In California, where the distribution of marijuana for medicinal purposes was legalized in 1996, some 31,000 residents carry cards that make purchasing locally grown weed from any of the state’s estimated 500 dispensaries as easy as filling a prescription at the local pharmacy. Light one up an rejoice but remember to stay classy!!!

Green Conversation: Brudder Stoner & Loud Filter

Posted by Brudder Stoner On February - 2 - 2010

This conversation took place on “The Balcony” after singing song to Mother Nature.

LF: Man, what age would you go back to?
BS: I think grade 8, 9, 10?
LF: Yea dude…you were champ
BS: No man, i was only green house captain
LF: Yea, you’re still a green house captain!
BS & LF: Trueeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Bob Marley marijuana grow-op

Posted by Papa Roach On January - 28 - 2010

We all know bob marley was an advocate of marijuana an that he indulged in some heavy duty marijuana toking .. perhaps teh reason why hes written some pretty powerful an thought provoking songs in his short life … have a look at a marijuana plantation … unsure if this actually is a plantation by bob marley’s grave site or @ his home but its a marijuana plantation nonetheless ….

Haiti Agony

Posted by Papa Roach On January - 15 - 2010

Our thoughts an prayers are with the people of Haiti this weekend as they dig thru one more natural calamity. Granted, we, the admins do not know anyone or belong to Haiti, nonetheless we feel saddened by the turn of events in that country. Compassion for our fellow beings, compassion for animals an compassion for the mother earth are something that needs to be ingrained in everyone so that we are humbled by what we have an are not consumed by greed. Billions of dollars are being spent on an arms race by first world countries when these very funds could have been used to eradicate poverty an improve the living conditions of people in the developing world. It’s food for thought!!! When a spliff is being passed around, the thoughts are high an the mind starts racing. 1Love.

welcoming back

Posted by Papa Roach On December - 30 - 2009

“One person’s sorrow is another person’s joy”. Today we welcome back Brudder Stoner amongst our midst after a prolonged break an man oh’ man the sub zero arctic temperatures that are being currently whipped up by old man winter are sure to bring a frown or two on brudder stoner’s face ahhahahaaa but we’ll be celebrating by sparking one and no it won’t contain hash this time ahhahahaha. It’ll just contain some good ‘ol plain herbs …. heres to you brudder stoner …. welcome back



Posted by Papa Roach On December - 21 - 2009

Take note my fellow readers … potent sensi will give you the munchies and/or funchies. Take a look for yourselves when some A+ grade gets smoked an the aftermath of it. A full chicken gets devoured within minutes an not just the breast or the drumstick but the whole thing gets shredded to pieces a’la caveman style. AND believe me you will crave some funchies after a meal like that make no mistake. If there are cookies, ice-cream or any sweet delicacies around after a spliff’s been smoked, well then guess what … there’s no saving ’em.





Posted by Papa Roach On December - 18 - 2009

Wars, Protests, Revolutions, Resistance’s .. everywhere we look in the world there is pain an despair afflicting the populace … in times like these one can only wish an hope for better days & times ahead … here @ blogginghigh we celebrate the weekends with a li’l sum sum as is characterized by our T.G.I.F posts but what we really hope an pray for is eternal peace to reign all over the world … a place where everyone lives in peace an harmony free of prejudice … enjoy some herb this weekend with your fellow friends an hope for a better place to live in the near future an lets start a grassroots movement from the ground up an lets try to eliminate ignorance an prejudice …. enjoy …


Ganja Brownies

Posted by Papa Roach On December - 17 - 2009

Watch how a marijuana recipe comes alive as the video is a how-to demonstration to make marijuana brownies. Enjoy making ’em an remember to enjoy them responsibly as well.



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